About the Project

Many Voices One Valley 2012 is the second update of a study, conducted by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion and funded by the Dyson Foundation, about what people in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley think of living in the region.  The counties in this study are Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan, and Ulster.  The results document residents’ perceptions of the region over the past ten years and their expectations for the future.

Conducted first in 2002 and first updated in 2007, the study discusses what life in the Mid-Hudson Valley is currently like, how it has changed, and how it has remained the same.  Many of the questions asked previously are replicated in this new study to identify and understand trends that exist in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  New questions, such as those which relate to the recession, are also included and aim to identify how current issues nationally impact residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley on a local level.

In the present study, 4,443 residents of New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley were interviewed from February 9th to March 19th, 2012.  They were asked about life and work in the region and their priorities for the future.  The 2012 survey results for all residents are statistically significant at ±1.5%.  The margin of error increases for smaller sub-groups in the population.

Many Voices One Valley 2012 is a rich dataset which is the culmination of a decade of survey findngs.  It provides access and opportunity for understanding the perceptions and experiences of Mid-Hudson Valley (MHV) residents over time.  The objectives of Many Voices One Valley 2012 are to:

  • Identify priorities and trends over the past decade
  • Inform public and community leaders
  • Be a resource for community organizations and government

In addition to all the information presented right here on the study’s website, manyvoicesonevalley.org, there are three reports which detail many of the findings from the current survey as well as comparisons over the past decade.

The main report, Many Voices One Valley 2012:

  • discusses what people think about living and working in the Mid-Hudson Valley
  • details residents’ priorities for the future
  • and makes comparisons over the past decade.

Making Ends Meet

  • presents residents’ impressions of the affordability of the Mid-Hudson region
  • and details how residents experience a wide range of issues which affect their family finances.

 Health Matters

  • highlights people’s perceptions of the quality of health care in the region
  • and identifies factors that influence residents’ ability to afford and access care

There are many ways to use the survey data:

  • Identify Trends: 2012, 2007, 2002
  • Planning: Set priorities, Direct resources
  • Development: Encourage business, Support grant proposals, Shape fundraising campaigns
  • Public Education: Raise awareness
  • Mood and Context: Public priorities, Economic outlook
  • Workforce: Demography of region, Job expectations

So, get started.  Watch the Highlights of the study for a snap shot of the study’s key findings with The Marist Poll’s Sue McCulloch.  And, take a look at Helpful hints to navigate the site with The Marist Poll’s Mary Griffith.  She’ll guide you through the basics for finding your way around the website.